Preparations for Departure

As you may imagine with just 7 days to departure we are hectically busy. The work exchange was approved less than 2 months ago, and since then our lives have been turned upside down.

Such an undertaking obviously entails much planning and we have been trying to contain an ever increasing checklist as the day draws near. So many things to consider and organise (here are a few)

Negotiating: job swap, house swap, car swap, payment of bills, insurance policies etc.

Documentation: passports, visas, travel insurance, air tickets, international drivers licences, medical check-ups, mail re-direct, Power of Attorney, wills, A-Z package for exchange colleague etc.

Finance: payment of outstanding bills, planned payment of future bills, overseas banking, tax, salary arrangements etc.

House: clearing rooms, council clean-ups, curtains, driveway, emptying roof gutters, fences, fixing dryers and washing machines, light fittings, painting house/deck, pc virus protection & new email address notifications, pest control, plumbing, sorting and chucking 10 years of accumulated junk etc.

Looking on the bright side, it facilitates a spring clean of one’s life, bringing order out of chaos!


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