Canada Fast Facts

Below is a quick country comparison between Australia and Canada:


  Australia Canada
Population 21.4m 32.9m
Province/State 6 states, 2 territories 10 provinces, 2 territories
Capital Canberra (ACT) Ottawa (Ontario)
Largest City Sydney 4.3m Toronto 5.3m
Land Area 7,682,400 sq km 9,093,507 sq km
GDP per head ($US) $36,258 (Rank 17) $38,435 (Rank 12)
First Nations Aborigines 40,000 yrs Aborigines 12,000 yrs
Government Constitutional Monarchy/ Parl Democracy Constitutional Monarchy/ Parl Democracy
Independence 1 Jan 1901 Commonwealth Of Australia proclaimed 1 July 1867 self governing Dominion of Canada proclaimed
Name Australia from Latin ‘Australis’ meaning southern – (Matthew Flinders 1814) Canada from Iroquois ‘Kanata’ meaning village – (Jacques Cartier 1535)
National Sport Cricket Ice Hockey


Australian Bureau of Statistics

Statistics Canada

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)

Wikipedia: list of countries by GDP per capita


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