The Flight

Richard dropping us off at Sydney Airport

Richard dropping us off at Sydney Airport

Air Canada Boeing 777

Sydney-Vancouver Direct: Air Canada Boeing 777

At long last! We finally made it onto flight AC 34 to Vancouver. Many thanks to our good and reliable friend Richard for dropping us off at the airport, and for repeating the the feat a day later for Dave’s Canadian exchange colleague. The latter trip involved a pick up from Sydney airport and a drive back to the Berry family home on the NSW Central Coast.
The 14 hour flight was a long haul but made reasonably comfortable on the brand spanking new Air Canada Boeing 777. The boys had the latest touch screen technology to keep them amused with a vast array of kids movies, tv programs and games. For the parents the choice was even more endless, with every conceivable genre of movie, television program and style of music. I was particularly interested in a Canadian documentary on the “stolen children” – the heartwrenchig story of the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their families and placement into “residential schools”. The tragic stories of victims echoing the Australian experience of our own “stolen generations”.

3 Responses to “The Flight”

  1. Rhordon The Brave and Trying Says:

    Great to hear you guys enjoyed the trip. Soon after you left your exchange counter parts threw a really big party at your place and we had a ball. Everyone was there. Of course I showed them where everything was…

  2. westerncall Says:

    thanks Rhordon, your hospitality is legendary as we can testify! did you fire up the barbie? we’ll never forget your meat in lettuce leaf entre with oyster sauce – whats it called?

  3. Rhordon The Brave and Trying Says:

    You are so caught up with the past Dave. Sang Choy Bow (if you must know)
    My international reputation as a culinary genius cannot afford to rest on its laurels (as ample as they are).
    I recently learned to baste a duck.

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