Where do we live?

Entrance to the Crofton

Entrance to the Crofton

We live in a modern 2 bedroom condo at “The Crofton” a four storey apartment block located in the City of New Westminster. New Westminster is situated in the center of the Greater Vancouver Regional District, lieing just 20 km east of Vancouver (30 min trip to downtown Vancouver on “Skytrain”, the light rapid transit system).

Smokey Smith Place

The Crofton: Smokey Smith Place

Just opposite our home is Queens Park the largest park in the “New West”.
New Westminster (we're between Queens & Hughes Parks)

New Westminster (we're between Queens & Hughes Parks)


2 Responses to “Where do we live?”

  1. Rhordon The Brave and Trying Says:

    Wow…Im truly impressed – it seems delightful. Im so glad you guys have a nice place to stay. Far out….Im surprised the Consierge isnt grinning back at me…

  2. melanie sadler Says:


    i am being very cheeky and checking this out at work, so it is a very brief look, but it all looks very cool. i especially like the cartoon. so cute!!!

    miss you guys, will send you an email with all my recent news.

    love to all.

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