The Canadian school year runs Sept-June so we had just the 2 days to enrol the boys before commencing school the following week. Fortunately for us school is within easy walking distance.

Herbert Spencer Elementary

Herbert Spencer Elementary School

Glenbrook Middle School

Glenbrook Middle School

The boys are attending different schools. Tim is in 3rd class at Herbert Spencer elementary (K-5).
Herbert Spencer is a modern elementary school built in 1993. Built “in the round” on two levels, the library is located in the central atrium and is the hub of the school.
Daniel is in Grade 6 at Glenbrook Middle School (6-8). Glenbrook was built in 2000 and is home of the District’s late French Immersion program. The goal of the program is to have students achieve oral and written competency in French as well as appreciation of French language and culture. Daniel has enrolled in the program and will have the opportunity of pursuing this if he so wishes.

2 Responses to “Schools”

  1. cjb Says:

    of course you would orient the school around the library!! My own children’s school is also built around the library as the ‘hub’, though they have renamed it the ‘learning resources centre’ (LRC) (everyone still calls it the library!)

  2. westerncall Says:

    Hi Caroline good to hear for you. Yes the world is certainly as it should be with Library as Hub!

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