Stanley Park

In Vancouver for just over a week, we decided to embark on our first sightseeing expedition to Stanley Park.

art in park

art in park

picnic at Coal Bay

picnic at Coal Bay

Stanley Park is North America’s 3rd largest urban park and its 1000 acres is significantly larger than NY City’s Central Park. Surrounded on 3 sides by the Pacific Ocean there are spectacular views of the city skyline along a 10km seawall.
We decided to explore this outer rim of the park on a free shuttle bus.
Lions Gate Bridge

Lions Gate Bridge

First we had a picnic lunch at scenic Coal Bay.

A highlight of the shuttle trip that followed was a stop at Prospect Point at Stanley Park’s northern tip. Here we had spectacular views of the Lions Gate bridge, linking Vancouver to its North Shore. Its also the best spot for Racoon watchers – the critters being attracted to the scraps emanating from the hill- top restaurant & passing tourist trade…




4 Responses to “Stanley Park”

  1. Anne Peterson Says:

    Canada eh? WOW!!!!!! Karen told me you guys had gone over there and it was quite a surprise! Fantastic experience for you all – may you be richly blessed by all you see and learn and by the people you come across. With the world of blogs I will be able to follow your adventures – isn’t technology wonderful!! Love, Anne 🙂

  2. Rhordon The Brave and Trying Says:

    I didn’t know Alice Cooper lived in Canada!!!

  3. westerncall Says:

    great to hear from you Anne & thanks for your well wishes!

  4. westerncall Says:

    that’s right Rhordon, but he likes his personal space so don’t get too close (use a zoom)

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