Whistler Mountain

We saved the Whistler Gondola for the Sunday, forecast to be warm and sunny. The weather did not disappoint & we had a near perfect day to ascend the 2000m mtn.

Whistler Gondola

Whistler Gondola

Whistler Mtn

Round House Lodge: Whistler Mtn

The Gondola takes you to “Round House Lodge”. Some stay for a snack or meal (BBQs are popular in summer). From here you have numerous hiking options.
Tim was keen to explore the immediate surrounds with mum, clambering over rocks to patches of snow.
Dad and Dan opted for “Pika’s Traverse” a steep but manageable 2.3km walk up the mountain to the Harmony Tea Hut. From here there are great views of the surrounding mtns.
Pika's Traverse

Pika's Traverse Trail

Harmony Tea Hut

Harmony Tea Hut


One Response to “Whistler Mountain”

  1. Rhordon The Brave and Trying Says:

    great to see you guys!!!
    I feel like we’ve met up ha;f way across the world – thank you Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs!!!

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