Whistler & Cheakamus Lake

Lake Cheakamus seems to be a well kept secret. Some hikers get aerial views from Whistler Mtn but not many approach from ground level along the Cheakamus River.

Perhaps its the pot holed road that runs for an interminable 8kms to the trail head. We had turned back assuming we’d taken a wrong turn. Fortunately we came across another motorist – a local who returns to the tranquil setting from time to time.

It’s an easy 2 mile walk through the tall tree forest. Little by little you glimpse the aqua through the trees, until there it is!

Cheakamus Forest

Cheakamus Forest

Cheakamus River

Cheakamus River

Visitors from Vancouver Island

Cheakamus Lake

Flippy and Molly

Flippy and Molly

Settling down to a picnic luncheon by the Lake we had some unexpected guests.
First, visitors from Vancouver Island. We shared our lives for the next hour or so, concluding with an exchange of contact details in the hope of meeting again – perhaps on our upcoming visit to Victoria & Vancouver Island!
No sooner had our new friends left but another set of guests arrived.
This time two sisters visiting from the United States. We wiled away the next couple of hours in a similar way, agreeing to correspond & gratefully accepting suggestions for our US leg of the journey!
visitors from the US

visitors from the US



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