Vancouver Island

Whew, its hard keeping up these blog entries.

Let’s backtrack a few weeks to Vancouver Island. Taking advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday long weekend we whipped over to the Island for another short break. Heading straight to Tofino on the island’s west coast we enjoyed two perfect days in this sleepy seaside community before returning to the island capital, Victoria.

Room with a View

Tofino: Room with a View

As well as its beauty, Tofino is noted for extreme weather. People come here to watch storms on its wild west coast and some of these people are surfers. Arriving at Long Beach I could understand it’s attraction. Great waves and a vast expanse of sand. In fact I was reminded of Australia and as soon as that dawned on me I experienced my first mild pang of homesickness.

Long Beach

Long Beach


While at Tofino we explored the Pacific Rim National Park which as well as beaches includes rainforests.


Then it was off to Victoria, the Island capital for a couple more days. Victoria is a smallish, compact city whose old town is a attractively situated around its inner harbour.

Victoria, B.C. Capital

Victoria, B.C. Capital

Apart from it’s great pubs, Victoria boasts one of Canada’s best museums, the Royal British Columbia Museum.

The museum documents the human and natural history of British Columbia & features 3 permanent galleries: Natural History, Modern History and First Peoples. There are knowledgeable and engaging tour guides (docents) who guarantee enthralling afternoons wandering through the galleries.


Be sure to check out the First Peoples Gallery if you ever get the chance. It features a Longhouse owned by the local First Nations community which is still used for ceremonial purposes. Its fascinating getting a glimpse of the totem poles and masks and discovering the symbolism and mythology behind them.


3 Responses to “Vancouver Island”

  1. Fiona B Says:

    Hi! It was great to catch up on your news. I know it can be hard keeping these things going but this is a great record! Memories… I remember seeing Hell’s Gate when we came through on the train from Banff. I congratulate you on doing this trip and making the most of opportunities to see and do as much as you can. We can be too set in our ways and miss opportunities. We are well. Geoff is in South Australia with work. Kids are into exams. I’ve been home based for a while – a simple gall bladder operation got extended with the discovery of two hernias! Ian Baldwin (Lyn Smith’s brother) is heading your way for the Winter Olympics, will be there for 15 months. Keep blogging and I’ll keep reading! Take care Fi

  2. Katta 7 Says:

    It looks like you guys are having a disgustingly fantastic time. A week in Whistler – huh! Good to see you’re taking advantage of fine weather. May you be snowed in for Christmas…

    Typical that you’d be enlarging your list of contacts – better get that spare room going back in Oz.

    Victoria looks lovely too. Save some of the island for us too, assuming the A$ doesn’t nosedive too much.

    I have one complaint – where are all the disaster stories, things which didn’t turn out as expected, etc. I can’t imagine there are all sunny skies, knowing you guys. We want some of the juicy details…

  3. westerncall Says:

    Cheers Fiona, great to hear from you & thanks for your encouragement!
    I can empathise re the health issues – am nursing a hernia & having to pace myself thru this trip. Banff now there’s a place, that must have been some train journey thru the Rockies. Hopefully we’ll manage to get there as well. It’s good having fellow “Canadaphiles” to share our stories with! Will keep em coming. Love to Geoff, Simon and Mel

    Hi Bradings! Fortunately we’ve had no disasters yet. Don’t forget we have 2 months travelling in a RV at the end of the trip – will make for an interesting comparison with our UK/Euro campervanning days (plenty of juicy stories there as you well know!)

    We eagerly await your RV traveller’s tales in ’09 and ofcourse looking forward to linking up here at Smokey Smith Place. Indeed the sunny days are no more, and the leaves are falling. As the rain sets in it’ll be less about the travelling & more about the “living” – will keep you posted. Hi to Mel, Hannah and Jasmine.

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