Bright Nights in Stanley Park

Last weekend we enjoyed an evening out with Barb and Rob and their son Dylan at Stanley Park. Barb is the sister-in-law of Dave’s exchange colleague. We appreciated the opportunity of connecting with some locals and being shown the sites of Downtown Vancouver.

seawall overlooking city skyline

seawall overlooking city skyline

The evening was centred around “Bright Nights” in Stanley Park. This has become a family tradition for Vancouverites, whereby the park is transformed by 1 million Christmas lights!

Totem Poles with Barb, Rob and young Dylan

Totem Poles with Barb, Rob and young Dylan

Arriving mid afternoon we took advantage of a fine winter’s day by strolling around the park’s seawall, as well as investigating the park’s totem poles. The poles are the most visited attraction in Vancouver. The site was originally inhabited by aboriginal peoples and the totem poles were brought in from neighbouring Vancouver Island in recognition of the fact.


Roasting Chestnuts

Bright Nights: Roasting Chestnuts

waiting for the Christmas train

waiting for the Christmas train

The Christmas lights populate the forest along the route of the miniature railway. When the sun goes down the forest is transformed into a magical world for the city’s children. Unfortunately the camera gave out at this point (Dan and Rob can you help me here)

along the route

along the route

The night was rounded off with a meal at Boston Pizza. This affordable family restaurant, aside from pizzas, has numerous menu options. The generous portions have to be seen to be believed! Boston Pizza also attracts sports fans because of its live sporting coverage. The night we went featured the Vancouver Canucks. Unfortunately the local team didn’t oblige – enough to make a grown man cry!


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