A White Christmas?

So, we’re on target for a white Christmas! According to Environment Canada Vancouver is officially the least likely place to be having a white Christmas (about a 1 in 10 chance)

Christchurch Cathedral, Victoria

Christchurch Cathedral, Victoria

We’re spending the lead up to Christmas in Victoria (Vancouver Island). I’ve got a couple of days off so Jen suggested we head over there for a quick visit. And a great suggestion it turned out to be, for what has become a favoured destination.


Today began with a snow fight in the Church yard.




Then we had an afternoon tour of the BC Parliament conducted by a Frenchman! He’s not what they call a French Canadian, he’s the real thing, direct from Bordeaux (I think he said). It was interesting indeed listening to a Frenchman extol the virtues of the Westminster system of government, and to share with Jen and I later about the bonds that tie us together as part of the British Commmonwealth.

Victoria's Inner Harbour, BC Parliament in background

Victoria's Inner Harbour, BC Parliament in background

Our accommodation was also an experience. The Turtle Backpackers Hostel is different. Run by an elderly Chinese couple it attracts a wide array of people. We met a French Canadian by the name of Khalid. Originally from North Africa and France, he moved to Montreal where he had lived for a number of years. Unwilling to survive another Quebec winter he decided to head west to milder BC in the search for work. I told him about our French connection with Dan’s late French immersion program. I later introduced Dan who was able to practice a bit of French with our friend!

Turtle Hostel

Turtle Hostel

Khalid left front with Dan

hostel guests: Khalid left front with Dan


One Response to “A White Christmas?”

  1. Fiona B Says:

    I want to be there!!! The memories. Love the name of the place you stayed. Have a fantasatic Christmas. Fiona

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