For the last week its been snowing! While this is common place elsewhere in Canada it is quite unusual in Vancouver, B.C.

home in the snow

home in the snow


In the Pacific Northwest, November and December are the rainiest months & snowfall is rare. This particularly so in Vancouver, which is the least likely place in Canada to snow.


Fortunately for us we have a lovely city park, Queens Park, just across the road. It’s a great place to stroll and play, even more so in the winter snow. We’ll have to add a toboggin to the Christmas stocking!

no hockey today, Tim

no hockey today, Tim

For Tim the snow is a mixed blessing. He loves to play hockey in the playground with the other boys. In the snow, hockey’s off – replaced by snow fights and snowmen!


One Response to “Snow!”

  1. Cherie Hanson Says:

    Thinking of Victoria as having the heaviest snow fall in Canada is mind bending. We here in Kelowna are losing some Asian students who had believed that the sunny Okanagan would be a good choice for winter English studies. They are frequently stylishly huddled at the bus stop trying to find a place out of the icy wind.

    Few people are venturing out. Twenty more cm predicted overnight in the tropical playground of Canada.

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