Christmas Day

Christmas Day “this year” was different. Not only did we have a White Christmas but we had the privilege of sharing the day with two Canadian families.

The Wallman family invited us for Christmas breakfast! We met Brad & Sarah-Jane at the Christmas Eve service at the church adjacent to the hostel. It was there that we received the the invitation to join them and their two young boys Jacob and Thomas. Brad works at the army base in Victoria. We spent the morning there before before catching the 1pm ferry back to the mainland.

Wallman family

Christmas breakfast: Wallman family

Sarah Jane prepared some delicious baked bread with sweet maple and berry syrup dippings, as well as pigs pillows (sausages wrapped in bacon) delicious!

shooting gallery

shooting gallery

The boys enjoyed playing with Jacob and Thomas making a snowman in the backyard as well as knocking cans off the front steps with an improvised shooting gallery. Brad’s boss also popped in to wish them a Merry Christmas & invited us to crash at his place on our next visit to the Island.


Then it was onto the ferry for the return trip to Vancouver, and Christmas Dinner with Janet Tomkins and family.

Christmas Dinner at the Tomkins

Christmas Dinner at the Tomkins

I met Janet last October at a Genealogy Conference and we discovered we belong to the same professional body: Genealogy and Local History Section of IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations). We reconnected recently on my visit to Vancouver Public Library which Janet helped organise. It was a pleasant surprise for us to receive Janet’s invitation to join her family for Christmas Dinner.

Vancouver Public Library

Janet Tomkins: Vancouver Public Library

gingerbread cookies

gingerbread cookies

gingerbread cupcakes

gingerbread cupcakes

Janet’s sister hosted the evening in nearby Burnaby so it was a relatively quick trip from our home in New West, notwithstanding the deep snow that blanketed the street and home hosting the event. Dinner was buffet style with a delicious array of dishes including of course the Christmas turkey. Janet specialises in desserts (note the gingerbread cookies and cupcakes)

Dan and Tim with Sam and Ben

Dan and Tim with Sam and Ben

It was a great evening & the boys really enjoyed themselves too – Janet’s brother Greg has a couple of sons the same age as Dan and Tim! Jen and I also enjoyed chatting with Greg and wife Lenore about our plans to travel through the States during the summer. Greg has embarked on 3 RV trips through North America – and even kept an RV blog about their most recent Cross Canada trip.

Greg & Lenore Tomkins

Greg & Lenore Tomkins

So, when all’s been said and done, we were fortunate indeed to be on the receiving end of such wonderful Canadian hospitality this Christmas – a Christmas to remember!


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