New Year Shenanigans!

For New Year we decided to do something a bit different & stay at a youth hostel in downtown Vancouver. The city is surrounded by mtns & one of the attractions in winter is catching a shuttle bus to the Mtn tops for a spot of skiing.

Youth hostel - Burrard St Bridge in background

Youth hostel - Burrard St Bridge in background

The boys had come prepared with their yoda Star Wars snow boards but things didn’t go according to plan. This is a disaster story that will bring a smile to the face of the Bradings & perhaps a bit of balance in what may seem a sugar coated blog.


The story goes something like this – a shuttle bus took us to the top of Cypress Mtn for what the TIC said would be skiing and snow boarding options. On arriving & being told these options were no longer available, we opted instead for snow tubing (riding down steep slopes on tyre tubes at great speed!)

Meanwhile a bit of a snow storm sprang up and word came through that the shuttle bus that had come to collect us had fallen into a ditch. The roads had been cut while the bus was winched out, resulting in us being stranded at the top of the mtn for hours on end. When the doors of the Nordic Cafe closed for the evening we were cast into the cold & outer darkness – left to wait till close to 11pm.

The bus that eventually did come decided not to return to the hostel. This meant trapsing through snow and slush at midnight to another bus! It was well after 1am when we finally made it back to the hostel. Unable to rouse ourselves in the morning we missed the early bus which would have delivered us to our much hoped for skiing lesson! Stay tuned, there may be more to this story…


Fortunately Day 1 in Vancouver was set aside for city sightseeing & we got to do a few fun things like…

going up the Harbour Centre Tower…



great 360 degree views of the city – its about half the height of Sydney Tower but the views are possibly better because you’re closer to the city skyline & harbour, not to mention the amazing mtn backdrop.

Canada Place Pier - Nth Shore Mtns across harbour

Canada Place Pier - Nth Shore Mtns across harbour


The False Creek ferry was another winner – the tiny terminal is down the road from the hostel & leaves from just under the Burrard bridge


van-false-tiny van-false-driv

The tiny ferries seat about 10 people & you form a ring around the driver who stands at the wheel just inches from you!



Granville Island is the most popular stop. It’s popular for its food (public market), arts & crafts, and busking!




Our time in the city ended with a stroll through the streets of historic Gastown. This is Vancouver’s version of the Rocks but on a smaller scale. Lots of souvenir stores and restaurants here. We stumbled on the historic first outlet of the Spagetti Factory, a much loved Van eatery & the best priced – highly recommended!

Steam Clock, Gastown

Steam Clock, Gastown


2 Responses to “New Year Shenanigans!”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Wow, what an adventure! Glad you all got back safely 🙂
    I also love the shots in the previous post – looks like so much fun!

  2. Katta 7 Says:

    Now that’s more like it! Makes a great read. I can imagine how frustrating it would have been, and cold.

    Did you hear there was deep snow in London?

    And here we are having devastating fires in Victoria and floods in north Queensland. It’s raining and jumper weather now in Sydney after the heat-wave dissipated.


    The Bradings

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