We are all Canucks


This will long live in the memory – an evening at GM Place to see our local team, the Vancouver Canucks. We were blessed indeed to receive these tickets via a work colleague. I imagine one of the reason the tickets are so expensive is the limited capacity of indoor stadiums which hold on average about 20,000. In a city of 2.2 million these tickets are in high demand! After the match the crowd figure was announced as the 128th? consecutive sellout. Not surprising that scalpers ply their trade at the gates further inflating ticket prices.


With Vancouverites so used to paying these high sums I can now understand the outrageous prices people are paying for Winter Olympic tickets which sell for thousands.


This match was against the leaders of the Western Conference, San Jose (Vancouver sitting in 5th position out of 15 teams). The top 8 teams qualify at season’s end for the finals, after which east meets west.


One reason hopes were high of a Vancouver upset was the home debut of Swedish superstar Mats Sundin. Sundin who recently signed a 1 year contract for millions is regarded as one of the best ever players. He recently completed a glittering career with the Toronto Maple Leafs, breaking just about every record in the book. For 10 consecutive years he was the Capt and usually the top season scorer.


The razzmatazz I expect is similar to US Football, and both teams stood to attention to theatrical renditions of their national anthems.

O Canada

O Canada

Star-Spangled Bannner

Star-Spangled Bannner

The game is played in 3 periods of 20 minutes but the whole affair takes between 2 and 3 hours – not that you would notice. This is the fastest paced sport I have ever seen and definitely one of the most exciting. Players often manage only a few minutes with frequent interchange, and the 37 year old Sundin was no exception.

Sundin equaliser

Sundin equaliser

At 2-1 down in the 2nd period the Canucks were scrambling to keep up with their more fancied rivals, until Sundin finally delivered on all the hype and scored the equaliser to set up an exciting finale.


Unfortunately for the home team, San Jose lived up to their star billing and pulled away in the final stretch to win 4-2. An honourable performance nonetheless from the local team, enough to guarantee another packed house next week!



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