Skiing – New Year Shenanigans: Part 2


Last weekend we went skiing at Cypruss Mtn, north of Vancouver. This is the follow-up to the disaster story we posted in January: New Year Shenanigans. You may remember we were thwarted in out attempts to ski on the mtn that day due to series of unfortunate circumstances. Mishaps which led to us being stranded on the mtn when our bus fell into a ditch during a snow storm

Cypress Shuttle Bus

Cypress Shuttle Bus

Cypress Downhill

Cypress Downhill

Getting kitted out

Getting kitted out


Anyway the good people of Cypruss kindly had us back again for free skiing lessons. Being near the end of the ski season we were the only people in the class receiving individualised attention. This was a real thrill for Jen who had a long held desire to go skiing.

ski instructor Ben

ski instructor Ben


The boys likewise had their own instructor and really took to it

Dan the Man

Dan the Man

Tim - ready, steady...

Tim - ready, steady...

This is Tim disappearing down the hill on another successful run


So thank you again to the people of Cypress – you helped make our Vancouver skiing experience a memorable one!


One Response to “Skiing – New Year Shenanigans: Part 2”

  1. Rhordon & Jessica The Brave Says:

    You guys are really rubbing it in aren’t you…
    When we first met you, no one said anything about you guys taking off to live Donald Trump’s life…or Paris Hilton’s…or (you get the picture)

    What – no Aspen this season…? How prepostrous…

    Anyway, to balance out the full and exuberant lives you good people are navigating, I got 2 bottles of Bam household toilet cleaner for $9 today.
    I thought it was obscene value.
    Tomorrow Im moving the cat’s food bowl out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. Its a real roller coaster her as you can see.

    Will catch up when I get a break. Meanwhile try not to go to Martha’s Vineyard for the holidays
    *raises his eyebrows and wonders pensively if that is in Canada*

    Rhordon & Jess.

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