Alaska – Skagway


Last port of call on our northward journey, Scagway. This was the main port of entry to the Klondike goldrushes of the 1890’s.  The town is pretty much as it was – the original goldrush buildings lining the main street for a trip back in time. 

In port for the day we rented two cars to explore further north, following the trail of the early gold seekers. The route intersects the US and Canada so a border crossing into British Columbia soon followed, as we made our way over the White Pass, dubbed “Dead Horse Pass” by the Klondikers.

A railroad was built over the pass for their benefit, and we glimpsed it’s route throught he mts from the highway. Unfortunately for the Klondikers the railroad came too late. By the time it was completed the gold rush was over.

Crossing into US territory once again we entered a wonderland of alpine scenery blanketed in snow.

Then back into Canada and it’s Yukon Territory (the gold rushes centered around where the Yukon and Klondike Rivers meet). We went as far as Carcross a remote Yukon village about 100kms from Scagway.

Carcross Public Library

With our ship waiting for us it was time to return, but not before a pit-stop at the Carcross Public Library. Even in the Canadian wilderness this great institution survives!


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