Deep Cove & Indian Arm

With only a few weeks left before finishing our work commitments this was the perfect way to farewell Vancouver. Deep Cove in North Vancouver is at the entrance to Indian Arm, a steep sided fjord adjacent to the city of Vancouver itself.

Ind Arm 1

We spent the day with my colleague and friend from Vancouver Public Library Janet Tomkins and her brother Greg who has a boat at Deep Cove Marina. Dan joined me for the boat trip on the fjord with Greg’s son Sam. We later met up at Greg’s place for a BBQ with our respective families.

i dave


i dd

It’s hard to believe such a place exist so close to a major city – just a short boat ride from Burrard Inlet in the city centre. As you can see the boys had the time of their lives with Greg stringing a dinghy to the back of the boat for a wild ride.

i gdd


i ds e

The narrow fjord extends north for about 20 kms and forested mtns rise steeply in all directions. About halfway into the trip we docked at Granite Falls. Here there’s a pebbly beach and campground. Here waterfalls run down sheer granite rock faces characteristic of the region.







i gp

The return journey was my turn to have a bit of fun and experience the high speed dinghy ride.



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